Tuesday, January 18, 2011

scary the movi


pe kabo aok2 sume??sihat dok??
harap sihat2 la key..

juast 1 2 shre story bin mory tht r rely2 scary the muvi..
asl plak scary2 ni??
mau tau?
meh nk hbaq..
my lec meluah kn perasan nya pd aq.
damn..what the hell..
owh dear
takut giler doh
but bukn lec m'sia..
lec luar m'sia..
arghhhh..xmo masuk clas.. nk bg ayt die bru msg..blm yg die dok email ngn ym ngn aq lg..
time ym 2 la die dok meluah kn segala bagai..
ayt..xleh bla tol..
tp silp owg r bro..
aq xberminat r org2 tua ni..
not my type key..
aq lyn kamu pn sbb kamu 2 lec aq..
aq hormat r alik2,bikin takut kot

lec : salam nabilah, plz pray for me to finish my PhD successfuly. i am terribly tense and tired
lec : Nabilah, would you prefer me to ask you some questions or u wanna me ask a student to ask you? i
       have some question that i would like to ask you
lec : i prefer to ask you directly, but i need to add u to the fb so that we can talk on line, do u mind adding
       me in the fb?
lec : ok Nabilah. i have added you to my yahoo messenger so that we can talk later. study hard and take 
        care. and dont forget to pray for me
lec : saya sudah added you in YM ..  nabilah, can i call you for a while now? is it possible?
lec : ok never mind. good luck with you work nabilah. i hope asking to talk to you did not cause any 
        inconvenience. have a gret night ahead

ni antra msg2 yg die anta la...yg aq xpyh kot..2 pn dh hbs aq kelentong ckp aq bz n ad kt kl..pdhl ngh sedap2 guling2 kt umh..kehkehkehkeh..kejm kn aq??giler kot..nk melayan..huh..krng xlyn die pegi msg mak aq..ehhh..ape kes ni bro..maen2 msg mak ni..gilo la kamu weiii..sedar la diri..kamu tua ni sampai kne deactivate fb tau nk elak..alik2 die g add plak kt ym..gilo.. ni plak antara email yg die bg kt aq..lec ni leh la ckit2 ckp bm..

email 1
As.Kum Nabilah,
I hope you are fine. I just want to say that I asked you to stand up and asked two other students to stand up for sake of explaining what variable /phonemenon/measurement is. I hope that did not cause any inconvenience.
* How was the class? Did you face any difficulty ?
Looking forward to meeting you 

email 2
Dear Nabilah,
Would you mind me asking you some questions later on. For now ,you are from Kuantan, kan ?
May I know what your parents do for a living? their profession/ job ?
I hope you enjoy my classes and that I can share with you some info and some experience. I hope that will benefit you

email 3
Though the viva session will start after one hour from now. I decided to check and read your reply. I am happy to know that the mother is a teacher and the father is an accountant. mmmm Good news to me :)
All right. Please don't tell other students or others that we communicate through e-mail or that I asked you some info or whatever, sebab orang di sini suka cakap dari belakang, tikam, faham?
pray for me Nabilah

email 4
Nabilah, i have done it
I have passed the exam and did well. So, you can congratulate me now
and you can call me Dr. Ismael :)
oh, it is over, i need to sleep

email 5
Thank you so much Nabilah. It was so touching. I found myself shedding tears. I wish you will be a Dr. one day Nabilah. Education is the weapon that can protect you from life dangers and can make u guarantee a good life

ni antara email yg die anta pd aq..yg ym 2, sory r my xsave la plak pe yg die tulis..nnt aq cari aq ltk r kt dalam 2 nnt korg nilai r sndri..
mst korg ckp, asl la aq ni bengong g rep msg die kn..sbb first klu aq xrep die msg 2 mama pn akn suh aq pn rep je laa.. ke 2 aq hormt die sbgai lec n angp die as my lec je..krng xpasal2 markh aq hangus gitu je..xnk r wat org dendm kt skunk ni cm ne??cm ne nk masuk clas die??xmoooooo..takut..sumpah aq xske...nnt aq cari yg ym 2 plak..skunk aq nk tdo..penat..tension thp dewa..bubui..  

p/s : klu lec 2 bace owkay gak..bia die nk ckp dpn2 aq tkt loh..ehehehe

^_^ v